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by Arvind Arvind Date Added: Wednesday 09 December, 2015
Constant brings aid to weigh _a href="http://wavlphk.com"_acutal_/a_ strength to also weigh practice of commercial Xu Jiayin to be worth to learn greatlyCan reflect what constant great outside help manages new thinking to turn most meeting incident is known as namely Brazilian cheetah Muliji. In July 2010, guangzhou constant bought the Muliji that just cut a figure in Ba Jiagang with 3.5 million dollar greatly. This turns meeting price nevers mention it in in armour, be in namely in super- also belong to a head, because this is in China football is resounding temporarily, a lot of people with the state of mind with lively look, look constant is thrown this sum greatly how to close. Mainland add introduced after this constant to protect grand, Leinatuo, Kelaiao and Kong Ka to wait for a star, refresh is worn the foreign aids of Chinese football turns meeting record. exceed in year, constant is earning greatly sufficient eyeball while, champion exceeds in also carrying off. Pass 2011 sports season one year short, we discover big hype effect makes constant medium exceed player social status times add. Year of income of constant big player it is other club is the same as horizontal nation base year of income 2 to 4 times, go up objectively pull tall in exceed player yearly salary overall level, each club exceeds to begin to chase constant in also letting big. This year explain support of the people of flower, Guizhou and A Erbin of go up horse, rich force is imitated constant is big, increase investment, recommend foreign aid of big shop sign in succession, the most celebrated is this year Luo Ba of heart of Europe coronal brunt. Current, many clubs exceeded to already aimed at star of international a gleam of in, foreign aids budget is in more the level of ten million dollar, this lets in super- become international to turn meeting market is new rise expensive guest. Look objectively, constant big effect has positive and negative two sides effect. Openly action is, the star of international big shop sign that in disdaining before, exceeds falls eventually honour Yu is expensive, be willing to come to China kickball. Side-effect is, wanting foreign aids to hear of only is medium exceed a club, social status of admiral of its broker forces breaks up time, this increased in the cost that exceeds foreign aids to introduce. After-thought exceeds benefit of archer king Ye to surprise in 2004, the country installs a club to have yearly salary of 400 thousand dollar only to him at that time, face the foreign aids of similar requirement now, if do not have the quote of 1 million dollar,the club exceeds in, both sides talked with respect to what do not have basically. The core that professional football club manages is a player, big to this bit of constant club is very clear. They are in in super- recommend foreign aid of big shop sign with day price above all, after gaining a success, the social status of these foreign aids goes up greatly, constant sells his again greatly piece, made one year in vain not only, and still earned money, the pay of thunder of Brazilian foreign aids that just converts fleet of antler of Japanese deer island greatly from constant is held in the palm is best example. Nevertheless, numerous the follow person later was immersed in passive situation however. Lu Neng, country installs what the club exceeds in the old brand such as He Taida to bring aid not to calculate a success this year. Install a club to be with the country exemple, exert of the Leinaerduo that the beginning of the year introduces, horse and card rash, see satisfaction of it's hard to say now. A lot of countries install fan to comment, if block Leinaerduo, Ma Nuhe rash the investment that 3 people add up to restricts 3.7 million dollar, buy a similar Kelaiao, Muliji in that way the forward of be convenient to use, how can the country still is nowadays sharp edge be anxious feebly? This makes did not spend money on edge, and should avoiding this a little bit is need eye. A lot of people can ignore a such news, surprised to be in formerly in Chu Shimu 2011 7 million dollar considers make a price of made of baked clay Yiceng of parent group A counter-purchase him, and team of Korea water former SamSung ever also quoted 5.5 million dollar is begged buy Muliji, this confirm Liu Yongzhuo of manager of constant big club introduces in Muliji at the beginning of the prophecy when: Mu Liji's social status will appreciate certainly henceforth. Look now, constant is big really vision is original. View is medium this year exceed each team strong pull by hand, the most practical still is Muliji. Xu Jiayin of constant old boss put forward again yesterday, constant will bring aid to want to pay attention to commercial effect more greatly henceforth, from introduce work off, the player wants rise in value. Jinying of new show of the just recommended namely new foreign aid that Xu Jiayin points to, Korea counterpoises. According to the report, leather assistant is in Japan in check after Jin Yingquan's expression, also approbated constant big club this one person selected. Will look with the prices that at present Asian foreign aids is in Europe, can foreknow in renown Shuai Li leather attune teachs below, the social status hopeful after Jinying counterpoises 3 years rises to be controlled to 10 million dollar, this will be afterwards after Muliji, constant succeeds in on foreign aids another greatly example. On foreign aids, constant is big from pursuit sensation effect, to pursuit business effect, this is constant strides to occupational from amateur greatly. But investigate its are essential, this is one of laws with professional underlying football nevertheless, constant just is the earliest greatly realized this, it is in practice savor benefit. To this, a few old in exceed a club to should meditate from which: Why is constant big 3 years since is outer cite entered go up to fail rarely? Be Xu Jiayin dares to spend money merely? In the understanding respect of professional football rule, is the way with old constant worth old in super- people the place that think over? (Old win)

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