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AlcoMate AccuCell Fuel Cell Breathalyzer

Model: AL9000

by Nurhanisah Nurhanisah Date Added: Wednesday 10 February, 2016
To be clear, DCMS is for survivors becuase ultimately it's for everyone. In other words, I don't write for a specific group. I write for anyone who might be interested in reading. Anyone at all. My readers do tend to be mainly comprised of those with DID, which makes sense given that we (those of us with this diagnosis) are likely the ones most interested in it. But I never intended DCMS to be a survivor blog or a recovery blog becuase my aim is to share what I know about DID, not to process or publish my therapeutic journey or anything similar. Besides which, I don't identify as a survivor. I keep the nature of my trauma history strictly private. It's no one's business but mine and I'm just not interested, as a writer, in creating that kind of blog. I've moved in a more personal direction recently, but as I mentioned when I made that decision, the focus is still the same show people what DID is and what it isn't, to the best of my ability.I've not heard Bruce Perkins' story but I understand what you mean about it tearing your heart out. That's part of the reason I wrote that piece on The Courage to Heal (the other part being that it also tears my heart out when I see people in absolute turmoil over some memory fragment, thinking it's either representative of literal fact or they're a sicko liar that makes me sad). I've read some of the stories of people who have been exonerated by DNA evidence, who were wrongfully accused and not treated as if they were innocent until proven guilty at all. I'm not sure why those casualties are okay to some people. It reminds me of witch hunt days when all anyone needed to do was call you a witch for the masses to believe you were, and exact harsh punishment. Child abuse is absolutely unacceptable. But I'm not sure why ruining an innocent person's life is.Thanks for your graciousness about my presumptuous blogging advice. Paul mentioned that I act like I'm an authority. Which is 100% true I wouldn't be blogging about DID if I was unsure of myself. And I wouldn't presume to give you unsolicited advice if I weren't confident in what I had to say. And I do believe my comments to you were on point. Still, you never asked for my advice. So I appreciate you taking that in stride. http://vmyqudxgly.com [url=http://itcdhwz.com]itcdhwz[/url] [link=http://ouikdnamilf.com]ouikdnamilf[/link]

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