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AlcoMate Pro Breathalyzer

Model: CA2000-Pro

by Myth Myth Date Added: Thursday 03 December, 2015
No one condones dnriking and driving. Its not a good idea. The reason there are such harsh penalties is because everyone is afraid to even utter that it might not be the best thing to throw the legal book at someone who made a mistake and drove after too many drinks. It is really sick how people can be treated after they get into this situation. I'm glad your friend's charges were dropped, he won't have to deal with some of the things people close to me have had to deal with. I think if most of us looked hard in the mirror, we would see most of us have done it just haven't been caught. Oh and MADD is not simply a anti dnriking and driving organization anymore. Their primary goal is alcohol abstinence. They just dont want you to drink period they dont care about your driving. The founder left the organization becasue she didn't like the fanatical direction it was headed in. If the founder can't justify staying in the organization, how credible is it?

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