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AlcoMate Pro Breathalyzer

Model: CA2000-Pro

by Pranab Pranab Date Added: Wednesday 09 December, 2015
This exact story happened to me,_a href="http://whfjncgfc.com"_ ecpext_/a_ I wasn't so lucky. I blew BELOW the legal limit. .06 to be exact And was charged with a DUI which got reduced to a Dry Reckless whatever that means. I paid $1500 to an attorney, and an additional $3,000 in legal fees, 6 Months of DUI classes, 3 year Proabation, 100 hours of community service. DMV threw out the case immediately. But the DA prosecuted. From this experience, I am now sure that counties are greedy for money, cops are crooked, attorneys don't care, and our legal system is a damn joke.

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