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Model: CA2000-Pro

by Maria Maria Date Added: Friday 11 December, 2015
Before I agree with Robert I'd like to know what the woman was told. I'd also like to know who else was present so that she'd have had a sense that she wasn't about to be _a href="http://hzynop.com"_abuesd_/a_ by the police, because we know that does happen to women in prison and because we know that other women know that. In particular, was she told why she had to get on her knees? Was she given an opportunity to explain why she didn't want to? Perhaps if she actually was drunk she felt she'd fall down. Was a female corrections officer there as a witness to make sure the officer didn't do anything inappropriate? There are too many instances such as the boy who recently died in a boot camp of people who can't comply with lawful orders being further _a href="http://hzynop.com"_abuesd_/a_, and in some cases killed, because police took noncompliance as an act of violence.On the other hand, and why I'm inclined to agree with Robert, is that I've known people whose parents or relatives were friends or relatives of the police and they tend to think that rules which apply to others don't apply to themselves.

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