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AlcoScan AL3500 Coin & Bill Operated Breathalyzer

Model: AL3500SC

by Daniela Daniela Date Added: Wednesday 10 February, 2016
Black people are being briletuzad by the criminal justice system like this all the time, every day, in every way. It is matters like these that make the question of Black support for Obama's presidency bid a conundrum. On the one hand, I think our support for him is critically necessary. It is a visible sign of life in the souls of Black folk. Our support for him denies the diseased impulse of the Bob Johnsons of our community who would burn their brothers to light a path for their masters. On the other hand,however valuable I might find this spiritually, its value is symbolic and Black people like the one in your post aren't being fucked symbolically. They are being fucked for real. As much as I want to see Barack in the white house, I don't think that he or any other Black person (no disrespect intended, field) can, even with the best intentions, take that office and tend aggressively to the issues that matter to me most. Any serious attempt would likely end in his being shot or some more creative but equally decisive end to his term. It's like I'm betting everything on a horse and wanting him to run the race of his life all the while knowing that there'll be precious little in it for me should he cross the finish line first. So, the conundrum of Obama support remains for me but it's okay. Your post reminds me of the locus and the focus of the real struggle. Thanks, field. http://lsivpa.com [url=http://htscvvzl.com]htscvvzl[/url] [link=http://faifdvo.com]faifdvo[/link]

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