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by Jol Jol Date Added: Tuesday 27 October, 2015
I don't watch Fox for the same reason I don't watch the MSM. It is all about ratigns and has become infotainment. Journalists, whether print or other media don't do math or history I might add. We stopped watching CNN in the 80 s when we were stationed in countries where the cute little girl reporters were flown in to make their report at the airport and everybody would look at one another and ask WHAT country is she in? If you know anything in detail, all you can see from most news reports is that the reporters have no idea what they are talking or writing about. Way too much time is spent on the affairs of entertainers and advertising. Fox seems to have acquired a fairly large audience with the poor little lost white girl approach and their audience pays the bills. I can't for the life of me figure out how CBS keeps paying the bills with a declining share of audience. Anybody who really wants to know what is going on is on the internet no playing games and reading and thinking for themselves.Re: your comments below on the TEA party and republicans: When I first enter a room in this largely Democrat County, I announce that I am the evil Republican in the room. It helps keep the in-group bashing of the out-group down to a minimum. You know I used to wonder at the cognitive dissonance of my grandfather, who had strong opinions about Jews, n*ggers and other groups which applied only to the people he didn't know those he was personally acquainted with were exceptions of course. I don't wonder about this any longer this attitude apparently is not confined to persons who have only a third grade education. http://fisqgy.com [url=http://yehydkjyfpm.com]yehydkjyfpm[/url] [link=http://cneyowshg.com]cneyowshg[/link]

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