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by Giena Giena Date Added: Thursday 03 December, 2015
As a 29 yr veteran of wonkrig with the Army's substance abuse program, I can tell you of the frustration of our own staff and leadership. A recruiter for our program went to the NASW annual conference, 3000 attendees, and returned with ONE resume. Our program is manned by masters-prepared civilians with advanced SA certifications, we have been provided both evidence-based training and resources, but when you have no staff, it's hard to implement any comprehensive program. I'm in Europe, covering 3 communities, 2 hours apart, have been trying to get staff for 6 months in one; in another a foolish decision was made initially not to extend assignments. With bases closing and no extensions, people leave to find a permanent job in the States, and positions go unfilled. Realizing the need for clinical staff, the local commanders reversed their decisions, and the top brass hammer to get people hired, but the process is not user friendly, and we lost a new recruit into the system because it gave time for her present employer to think twice about losing her. Meanwhile, the soldiers have serious co-occuring disorders due to multiple deployments, and have a very high acuity, and the culture promotes abusive drinking. I stay only because I love wonkrig with our Soldiers, but retirement is starting to look better and better. If you want to help, check USAjobs.gov

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