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by Gadouda Gadouda Date Added: Monday 21 December, 2015
you should? Have you _a href="http://ovwezou.com"_nocited_/a_ how difficult it is to get ‘talk therapy’ rather than a stream of numbing medications?No. Do a simple blog search. You'll find blog after blog after blog written by people with Dissociative Identity Disorder detailing their experiences in talk therapy. If that's not enough, visit some survivor forums. You'll find thread after thread after thread of discussions about talk therapy. Still not enough? Do more research. There are plenty of people struggling to find therapists, yes. And there are at least that many people who cannot get the medication they desperately need in order to cope with the symptoms of their mental illnesses.It’s my contention that “ambiguity,” which some here are a fan of C'mon, Lu. At least do me the courtesy of being direct. some here ? When you mean me, just say it. I'm a big girl. And, as it happens, I'm already aware of my publicly stated feelings about ambiguity. It's not like you're going to surprise me by calling me out directly.Do not fool yourself into undertaking anything but the most exhaustive search for truth even if it’s implausible at first.If I don't dedicate myself to an archeological dig of my own psyche, hell bent on excavating trauma no matter how bizarre and unrealistic it is, I'm fooling myself. You're going to have to try harder than that, Lu. Watch yourself.Really?We are hearing the story in the news now of a woman who claimed loudly in front of the press to have been raped by Qaddafi’s militia — what do you think really happened?What does that have to do with either this post or the one at Dissociative Living? I mean, I'm all for getting off-topic I had a wonderful little chat about The Lord of the Rings in the comments of a post recently but I get the impression you think that's somehow ON topic. Clue me in, here. I don't understand your point. Why do you suppose this daughter killed herself if there wasn’t a horror too great to live with and shame heaped upon her, leaving her alone with uncertainty, shunning and “ambiguity?” Ah well you really went for the throat there, didn't you? Ambiguity, the very concept I make no secret of embracing, is part of what drove this woman to kill herself eh? Nice one. People kill themselves for a variety of reasons that ultimately boil down to pain, pain, pain, pain, pain. But I don't know the specific circumstances of that woman's suicide. I don't know her motivations. I don't know what in particular drove her to such desperation. And neither do you.Thanks for your comment. It really was the perfect 1st comment to get on this particular post. Because this post was about coming to a deeper level of acceptance around the fact that I can't control how others perceive what I have to say. And that I'd very much like to just speak my mind with less concern about who I might offend or how I might be misunderstood or what conclusions people may come to about me. You gave me the opportunity to do exactly that. I appreciate it.

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