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by Emy Emy Date Added: Monday 21 December, 2015
it so bluntly, but you are both _a href="http://lqtmdjk.com"_cleraly_/a_ acting in this way and that you have a responsibility and mission to accomplish. But you may find that you will both be lonely as both of you think you are saying things that have never been said before. When you come from a place of knowing answers, you are making statements that you just need people to listen and change to think like you.Further, people who base their firm answers on only the limited data of their personal experiences and are not open to other possible explanations, are automatically operating at a deficit. Agendas are accomplished by fiat only by people with huge power. And this does not apply to either of you. I find for myself, that I am most happy with what I am doing in my writing when I am contributing what I think I know from my own experiences, and openly question what I think I know, and then listen and learn from others because of their experiences. That listening almost always ends up changing what I know. I often come away thinking I do not nearly know as much as I thought I knew. Holly if your agenda is only to correct misinformation about DID, then how can you do that without talking about your own healing? You now say this is decidedly not a recovery blog. Then what is it? How can you have strong opinions on these issues without them not being informed by your recovery? It's the recovery piece that lends credibility. Holly I have respected you for a while, and still do, but I feel like you are looking for a fight. But you have just said this: All I’m saying is something anyone with a brain should be able to see – false memories do happen, memory is malleable, and ignoring those realities is irresponsible. If you just said that there would never be any problem here. But you didn't. You assumed a very specific and predictable reaction by others in the survivor community and you said it as a put down. I wonder if the reaction you got was not because of what you said about memory, but rather about how you assumed your words would be attacked. When you did that, you basically told that anyone who would debate you had no place. Does it help when you just tell others they are wrong? I thank you for saying earlier that I have written about this before. I have to wonder why I have written negatively about Courage to Heal before, about the malleability of memory, about living in ambiguity, and about being dissociative and also responsible for behaviors, and have not had any negative reactions from others.

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