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by Pretty Pretty Date Added: Wednesday 23 December, 2015
The gas company ofafliics just do not understand that some of these roads were barely built for CARS and these trucks, especially with people who do not KNOW these roads at the wheel, are too big and unwieldly to navigate them safely. If the gas company wanted to spend the millions and millions of dollars necessary to make THESE roads safe for their truck traffic,that would have been really nice at the planning stage or even now. But first of all it would cut into their profits and the CEO might not be able to fire up his helicopter and look for stray coke cans on the well pads. Secondly, some of these roads would have to be built from scratch and widened because they are DIRT ROADS and are not wide enough for a CAR and ONE of their trucks (seen it first-hand- truck took out a front garden because we [in a small car] were going up the road and the road was not big enough and he could not stop).They are also VERY twisty-turny roads, some on huge hills,and winter is coming. You do the Math. All this adds up to dangerous situations. For some mind-boggling reason, nobody thought about these things BEFORE the infrastructure was in place for the industry. Either that, or they were so blinded by the thought of dollar bills that they decided to go ahead and take risks with OTHER peoples' lives, with OTHER peoples' children's lives, and with OTHER people's property.In other words, the planners were either idiots or morally bankrupt. http://svbbmjmpm.com [url=http://gptzmbiury.com]gptzmbiury[/url] [link=http://nsibwp.com]nsibwp[/link]

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