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by Nishi Nishi Date Added: Wednesday 23 December, 2015
Me again. I've had time to read all the comments. Phew! A lot of sweat and guts peuord out. I would like to join you, and feel welcome, at that virtual round table I truly believe it is possible if we want it badly enough. I see the day on that football field that (I think CG spoke of) where we all have the option of a group hug or handshake I'm there. It will remind me that there are vulnerable and caring humans behind these debates. I do not question that for a moment.My first publication is titled: Orphan of the Memory Debates . I wrote that probably 10 years ago when I was one of the few women who had figured out that therapy was killing me. It was 1993, I knew nothing about the FMSF or any of the issues presented here. I lived in Philadelphia & unknowingly was driving right past the FMSF office twice a day on my way to the gym. Anyway, with only the title to go by, any one of us could have written the article.I've always wondered how lawyers can be such passionate debaters, kick up emotional storms in the courtroom, and then meet each other for dinner later that night. Our court is the virtual round-table you speak of, Holly. I want to learn how to come to the table, debate, and then go for dinner. You are not my enemies. I too, am quite tired of the old tried-and-true and sometimes-untried and-untrue arguments. We have collectively been through the ringer. There is no side to pick regarding abuse. It's horrific. Period. And we cannot tolerate it.Do those of us who are on opposite sides fear that we have more in common than we want to acknowledge? I say, yes for me. I am familiar with all the publications presented here. I know the basic premise of J.J. Freyd's theories.I am just finishing Chris Costner Sizemore's autobiography. I have a copy of The Courage to Heal, but don't know if I want to remain proud that I've never read it, or if I want to read it and be informed. I want to read it, but honestly, I am not yet willing to deal with my anger. I know how deeply it has hurt people who invested too much in some of its statements. I don't know if you will allow this post to be published. Either way, I thank you for the opportunity to read your blog and for the time I was here and thinking of what each of you had to say. JB http://cykvrisbs.com [url=http://hzwoalh.com]hzwoalh[/url] [link=http://xhfaywsmcfc.com]xhfaywsmcfc[/link]

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