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by Ary Ary Date Added: Sunday 10 August, 2014
These friggin' Reps are all the same. The are _a href="http://oxrbikvyf.com"_alayws_/a_ for big business so that's why it's OK for corps to have offshore tax havens. They _a href="http://oxrbikvyf.com"_alayws_/a_ reward big business and to hell with everybody else. A trickle-down economy never works. That's something that should've been figured out by now. But I guess not because I saw a bumper sticker this weekend that read Boy, Do I Miss Reagan. Jesus Christ! What can you say to that? All I could do was scream!The Bush tax cuts for the super rich do NOT work! That lesson hasn't been learned yet either by these Reps. The super rich don't spend those tax cuts. They save it. What stimulates a bad economy? Job creation and tax cuts for the working class. We would actually put the tax cuts back into the economy because we would spend it. Those are the 2 things that make an economy go. The working class is who will ALWAYS steer the economy. Look how Ike had the rich pay 90% in taxes and they STILL lived high off the hog. Obama wants to put the tax increases for the rich back to Clinton levels (which wasn't as high as Ike's) but still helped the economy and they are crying about that. (see my article above. It's what Bill Maher said in regards to these whiners) I'm sick of these rich Reps getting everything. This is class warfare! They've had their fun for the past 10 years. It's our turn. It's like when Mitch turtle McConnell said The rich will really suffer if they don't extend the Bush tax cuts. (Scream again.) How can anyone vote for someone who actually said that?NR,Thanks for the Affluent Teens clip. Said it all. BTW, the house in that video is modest compared to the McMansions I clean.

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