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Disposable Breathalyzer Mouthpieces

Model: ALMP

by Frederick Frederick Date Added: Thursday 03 December, 2015
So I was pulled over last night for cronsisg over three lanes as I was leaving a parking lot (hello, I was turning left a couple blocks up so why wouldn't I go all the way to the left)..Anyways, I guess that's illegal. So I get pulled over and asked if I had been drinking and I said yes, I've had 2 drinks, just got out of work. Get outta the car, do the ever impossible sobriety test, which, I couldn't even do the tip of finger to the tip of nose test without had having a single drink! Blew a .06 and was arrested. I was told I HAD to do a blood test or else my license would get suspended for 12months and was held for 4 HOURS! 4!!!!! I do not think it is right to charge someone with a DUI if they are UNDER the limit, then WHY have a legal limit?!? Also, I think it's absolutely horrendous that they barely read you your so called rights and when they do they read em so fast and if you ask to repeat them, it's because you must be too drunk to hear or something..Also, they need to tell people that their rights are also to refuse any sobriety tests, breathalizers, and blood tests. Az sucks for DUI's. Can't even have a drink after work, or to socialize. Then why have bars?

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