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AlcoMate Pro Breathalyzer

Model: CA2000-Pro

AlcoMate Pro Breathalyzer
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Customer Feedback
Scott C. (Islip, NY)

"The breathalyzer is fast and responsive when need be. I tested this against my buddies tester and I felt confident in the results."
Jackie K. (Newton, AL)

"The AlcoMate Pro is very easy to use. It has made me more responsible with a better awareness of the impact drinks may have."
Product Overview:
The AlcoMate Pro breathalyzer uses the same sophisticated alcohol sensing technology as AlcoHawk Pro, but provides a higher level of accuracy and sensitivity.
  • DOT / NHTSA Approved and FDA Cleared
  • Individually Wrapped Disposable Mouthpieces
  • Advanced Gas Sensor has a range of 0.00% ~ 0.40% BAC
  • Deep Lung Sampling for Greater Accuracy
  • Automatic Verification of Proper Breath Sample
Detailed Description

This breathalyzer utilizes the same advanced technology for determining intoxication as the AlcoHawk Pro, but with an even greater level of sensitivity and accuracy.  Consumers and professional users alike appreciate the reliable performance and sophisticated features of the AlcoMate Pro.  This professional grade alcohol testing device delivers reliable and accurate results in an easy-to-use package that is compact and portable.  Whether you are a consumer looking for the best breathalyzer on the market or a law enforcement officer in need of a reliable device, the AlcoMate Pro will give you accurate results every time.

The rapid evolution of technology for sensing alcohol has been a driving force behind substantial increases in the accuracy and sensitivity of our latest machine, the AlcoMate Pro breathalyzer.  For example, one advance that powers the AlcoMate Pro is sampling methodology.  This breathalyzer takes a deeper sample of lung air by utilizing a five second breath when measuring.  The five second breath has been shown to give a more precise measurement of BAC (blood alcohol concentration).  How it works is simple.  Ethanol from the breath of the test subject is oxidized within the reaction chamber.  The resulting chemical reaction creates a small electrical current.  The breathalyzer measures the electrical current and then calculates the resulting BAC.  The results are then shown on the easy-to-read, brightly lit LED screen.  The AlcoMate Pro utilizes high-tech alcohol sensing technology that provides a lower rate of errors and a greater rate of reliability for the professional user or the home consumer.

Innovative FlowCheck Technology

Another advance in the construction of this breathalyzer is the innovative technology known as FlowCheck.  Because proper sampling of the test subject’s breath is crucial for getting accurate and reliable results, and since improper sampling can lead to breathalyzer errors, this device automatically verifies whether enough air has been exhaled into the unit for accurate testing.  If the sample is too small, an error message will be displayed and no results will be shown.  This design ensures that a breath sample is obtained from deep within the lungs.  This requires a five second exhalation.  Getting a deep lung sample reduces the incidence of erroneous results, which are commonly seen in lower-quality BAC testing units.  Moreover, the FlowCheck system also uses a one-way valve in the mouthpiece design. This prevents inhalation during the test.  Poor control of breath can yield unreliable results and significant errors.

Size: 120 mm x 60mm x 25mm Power & Battery life: 1 9V alkaline batteries (included) good for 200 tests
Weight: 7 oz (including batteries) Temperature Range: Storage: -4° to 158°F (-20° to 70°C)
Operating: 32° to 104°F (0° to 40°C )
Analysis Time: 3 Seconds or less up to 0.10% BAC Recovery Time: 30 seconds Between Consecutive Tests
Accuracy*: ±.01% at 0.08 %BAC Warranty: 1 Year
Compliance: DOT & NHTSA Approved Sensor Type: Advanced Semiconductor
Display: %BAC in 0.01 increments ranging from 0.00 to 0.40 Notes: * Accuracy varies depending on individual metabolism, blowing conditions, humidity, and the condition of the sensor.
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